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ChunkyChips Joins Connect Westminster

August 24th, 2017    Glenn Flowers


ChunkyChips are pleased to announce we are part of Westminster City Council’s Connect Westminster scheme. Secure up to £2000 towards your Leased Line install in London.
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100Mb Leased Line Pricing – Now From Under £350 per month

April 11th, 2016    Glenn Flowers

We are pleased to confirm yet another price drop in Leased Line rates across the UK, meaning we can now offer 100Mb Fibre Leased Lines now from under £350; just £349 per month in some key areas.

This new pricing structure cascades down to lower bandwidths as well: 10Mb Fibre Leased Lines now start from under £200 per month in some locations, and install on all Leased Line options is usually free (subject to survey) for commitment to a three year contract.

Cheaper Installs for Shorter Contracts

Previously, commitment for shorter term contracts required acceptance of the standard wholesaler’s full installation fee of approximately £2000. We are pleased to confirm that this install has now been halved for most UK One Year Leased Line Installs: Just £995 Install for a 1 year Leased Line contract!

More Realistic 1Gb Bearer Pricing

The cost of renting a 1Gb bearer has traditionally been disproportionately more expensive than a standard 100Mb bearer. We can now confirm that 1Gb bearer rental prices have also been significantly reduced (up to 30%) and we can now offer 1Gb on 1Gb Leased Line services from under £1300 per month in key locations.

Contact our Account Managers  to take advantage of these new pricing structures and check availability for your postcode.

ChunkyChips Launches P-WAN

April 13th, 2015    Glenn Flowers


Following several recent high profile projects, ChunkyChips is pleased to announce the launch of its P-WAN private networking platform.
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Essex Data Centre Pod 2: Raised Flooring in

March 24th, 2015    Glenn Flowers

Data Centre Floor

The raised flooring for Pod 2 of our Essex Data Centre is now completed.
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100Mb Pricing Drops Again!

March 23rd, 2015    Glenn Flowers


As part of our Spring special offers, we are please to once again be offering full 100Mb/100Mb fibre leased lines from £395 per month, still with free install on 3 year contracts.

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EFM Footprint to double in 2015!

November 4th, 2014    Glenn Flowers


We are pleased to confirm that our partners at BT Wholesale are due to double their Ethernet First Mile (EFM) footprint in 2015.

What does this mean for your business?

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ChunkyChips reveals Data Centre Expansion Plan

October 29th, 2014    Glenn Flowers

2014-04-16 14.16

ChunkyChips, the Essex-based Internet and Communications provider, has today announced plans to expand its Data Centre footprint in the County. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello Mac Mini :)

October 2nd, 2014    Glenn Flowers



We have taken delivery of our first hosted Mac Mini today and doesn’t it look good!

A Mac Mini can be an affordable way to have your own dedicated server.

As you can see, in spite of their awesome power, Minis have an incredibly small footprint (the above picture shows a Mini sitting at the very rear of one our server trays in a 1U rackspace next to its own NAS drive).

We can supply these at a lost cost monthly rental with short term contracts or we can colo them for you.
We are one of the only UK data centers currently offering this, so please get in touch with us for a quote.

New Network Status Twitter Feed

September 9th, 2014    Glenn Flowers

ChunkyChips today launched a dedicated Twitter feed to update Clients on Network Status.

Quoted Glenn Flowers;

“With an amazing growth in our Customer base over the last two years, we’ve certainly recognised the need to keep clients informed of any network issues that may affect their connection or colocation.

A dedicated Twitter feed to Network support means we can update our customers via an independent feed and customers can still check our status via their mobile networks even if their main  connection has issues.

The ChunkyChips Network is already hugely resilient and we are working to build even further layers of redundancy in future, however we know that communication with our customers and letting them know of potential issues is equally, if not more important, than the issue itself.”

You can follow the ChunkyChips network support feed at @ccservicestatus



September 9th, 2014    Glenn Flowers