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Fibre Leased Lines

Leased Lines: Dedicated Access

Fibre Leased Lines (or National Ethernet) offer a point-to-point (P2P) or high speed direct internet access (DIA) connection, providing businesses with a fixed, guaranteed bandwidth that is not contended or shared. Fibre Ethernet is the same standard as your Local Network connection, so speeds between your offices (or to the internet) can start from 2Mbps, or as high as 10Gbps (download and upload) if required. Just tell us the speed you require.

  • Scalable speeds 2Mbps to 10Gbps
  • 99.99% Service Level Agreement (SLA); 6 hour fix time
  • 24×7 monitoring
  • High Performance/Low Latency
  • Guaranteed 1:1 Contention

Our Leased Lines coverage extends across the UK, but, with the addition of our new Basildon Data Centre, we can supply Essex and London Leased Lines at particularly amazing prices!

Our Leased Line service can be supplied as “wires only”, for you to connect your equipment, or with Managed Cisco or Juniper Hardware with a range of options for configuration, monitoring and hardware replacement.

Most of our Leased Line services are quoted with free install for three year contracts, subject to survey and financial approval. In fact, at some key geographical areas in the UK we can currently offer 100Mb/100Mb Fibre Leased Lines as low as just £295 per month.
10Mb on a 100Mb bearer starts from less than £200 per month.
We work with multiple Wholesale providers, and we can even prepare a wholesale Leased Line Comparison guide to ensure you get the best Leased Line pricing and service every time.
If you need lower, guaranteed bandwidth (2Mb-8Mb), our budget Leased Line (EFM) pricing starts from under £100 per month, again usually with free install.

Help with Install Costs

Our wholesale partners are currently absorbing up to £2800 of any excess (post-survey) costs identified, meaning there’s never been a better time to take on a Leased Line.

All we need to generate an immediate quote within business hours is your site postcode and the bandwidth you need.
Either contact us in the box to the right or we can usually get you a quote across the chat widget at the bottom of this page.

Just say hello and enter the postcode and bandwidth (the hello is optional!).

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I was in the process of uploading a (Big) video to YouTube. After 30 minutes of waiting, a colleague asked me if I was on the new connection and I said no. So, I change my Internet adapter settings to get on the new line and re-uploaded my video. 2 minutes later, the video was uploaded! I was well impressed and it no longer feels like I'm connecting to the Internet on a 56k modem 🙂

Ray Krzeminski

Ray Krzeminski

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