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Hosted Exchange 2013

CloudExchange is ChunkyChips own branded Exchange 2013 solution. CloudExchange takes away the need to manage your email in-house,freeing up your IT Staff’s valuable time for other projects. Your critical data is hosted in our enterprise-level data centres across our LanKonnect platform, with multiple layers of failover and geographical redundancy and, because your mail is managed “in the cloud”, you can make changes on demand, without the need to worry about hardware, licensing and your own IT support time.

  • Fully Managed Mailbox Control
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Market Leading Pricing
  • Latest Exchange 2013 Servers
  • Sync with IPhone, Android or Windows

Simply set up the number of mailboxes you need to start, and we’ll fully manage and support your Hosted Exchange for you.
Use CloudExchange with our Filter Cloud service to manage spam and unwanted mail efficiently, creating white and black lists on demand.

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A pleasure to work with, always friendly and efficient and quick to respond to even our most bizarre requests. Leased Lines are extremely fast and reliable, so much that we forget all about them once installed. Were very, very pleased.

Colin Malcolm

Colin Malcolm

CS Malbrook Ltd, https://www.csmb.co.uk/