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Managed Hardware

Preconfigured Cisco Routers & Firewalls

Most ChunkyChips connections (Leased Lines,EFM) can potentially be connected directly into your own network equipment. However you will need a degree of technical knowledge to connect and configure your switch or firewall .
Managed Hardware from ChunkyChips means we will recommend the optimum equipment for your line, and deploy all your network requirements on the hardware prior to “going live” on your network, creating a true “Plug and Play” service.

  • Cisco Hardware
  • Full Pre-configuration
  • Next Business Day Hardware Swap
  • Backed up Configuration
  • Complete Plug and Play solution for your Leased Line or EFM service
What Hardware is Right for Me?

Our pricing model for Managed Hardware means we can provide either a Managed Cisco Router or Cisco Firewall, purely dependent upon your requirements and routing needs. With Leased Lines and EFM, the services are already presented as RJ45 Ethernet so, increasingly, you don’t necessarily need a router to connect to your internal network.
Cisco ASA Firewalls typically provide more functionality for routing and can be more efficient at handling higher bandwidth.

Just tell us what you need to do and we’ll provide the best Managed Hardware solution for your connection.

Ask us about Hardware

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I was in the process of uploading a (Big) video to YouTube. After 30 minutes of waiting, a colleague asked me if I was on the new connection and I said no. So, I change my Internet adapter settings to get on the new line and re-uploaded my video. 2 minutes later, the video was uploaded! I was well impressed and it no longer feels like I'm connecting to the Internet on a 56k modem 🙂

Ray Krzeminski

Ray Krzeminski

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