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FilterCloud Email Management

Premium Email Anti Virus and Spam Management

FilterCloud is a feature-rich email management client that enables you to directly manage your company’s incoming mail, regardless of the size of your business or organisation.

FilterCloud analyses and collates all your users’ incoming email in the Cloud, before it even lands on your local servers, so you can view headers, whitelist or blacklist addresses or domains, and view mail left in Quarantine for your acceptance or rejection.

  • Total control of incoming and outgoing mail
  • Advanced and intuitive handling of spam and junk email
  • In-depth reporting of all mail activity
  • Cloud-based: Manage it anywhere, anytime, totally securely
  • Concise, logical and unparallelled ease of use

As the replacement for ChunkyChips renowned Mail Control service, FilterCloud empowers you to take control of your mail. No more need to email requests for blacklist or whitelist additions, you can do it with one click.

FilterCloud is priced incredibly competitively on a “Per mailbox” basis. Just tell us how many mailboxes you need covered and we’ll send you a monthly cost straight back.

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First class service and plenty of scalability on our line for future requirements.

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