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Fibre Leased Lines

Leased Lines: Dedicated Access

Fibre Leased Lines (or National Ethernet) offer a point-to-point (P2P) or high speed direct internet access (DIA) connection, providing businesses with a fixed, guaranteed bandwidth that is not contended or shared. Fibre Ethernet is the same standard as your Local Network connection, so speeds between your offices (or to the internet) can start from 2Mbps, or as high as 10Gbps (download and upload) if required. Just tell us the speed you require.

  • Scalable speeds 10Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Total Service Level Agreement (SLA); 6 hour guaranteed fix time
  • 24×7 monitoring
  • High Performance/Low Latency
  • Guaranteed 1:1 Contention
  • UK-based support (answered in 3 rings!)

How Much Does a Leased Line Cost?

You should budget a minimum of £100 plus VAT per month for a lower bandwidth (EFM) Leased Line, rising to over £150 plus VAT per month for higher bandwidths. In many locations, we can to offer 100Mb Fibre Leased Line circuits for under £250 plus VAT per month, and 1Gb circuits start from £500 plus VAT per month.
All Leased Line installs are however dependent on location, there is no set price list across the UK. Each quotation we provide passes through our pricing tool, which checks against every possible access route in the UK to ensure you get the best Leased Line rate.
For an accurate price for your location, just complete the enquiry box on the right. It takes 30 seconds to fill in the form and takes us five minutes to run the checks.
There’s no obligation to proceed and we’re not a hassley sales company who’ll chase you every day for feedback (although feedback is appreciated!).

What’s Your Leased Line Coverage?

Our Leased Lines coverage extends across the UK, but, with the addition of our new Basildon Data Centre, we can supply Essex and London Leased Lines at extremely discounted rates.

Please note we are a business only ISP, we would not usually install a leased line into Residential premises.

How is the Leased Line Presented to Me?

We usually supply our Leased Lines as “Wires Only”, meaning we bring the fibre into your property at whatever location you specify, and then terminate the equipment through a media box to present to you as RJ45 Ethernet on 100Mb bearers or SFP Fibre on 1Gb bearers.

Unlike broadband, leased lines do not always need any additional router in place to convert the service, and the majority of our customers now connect directly into their existing firewall or network setup. However, if you don’t have this in place already, we offer a range of managed route/ firewall options, preconfigutred to your specification, with next day replacement if anything goes wrong.

We work with multiple Wholesale providers, and we can even prepare a wholesale Leased Line Comparison guide to ensure you get the best Leased Line pricing and service every time.

Help with Install Costs

Our wholesale partners are currently absorbing up to £2800 of any excess (post-survey) costs identified, meaning there’s never been a better time to take on a Leased Line.

Installs are typically free on a 3 year contract, however some additional construction costs may be identified after a survey, and there are a number of Government-led schemes to help with these costs, should they occur.

Why is Your Pricing so Good?

It’s simple, we actually built and own the product “from the ground up”. The vast majority of ISPs selling Leased Lines are in fact VISPs (Virtual ISPs). This means the finished product is actually owned by another party and the VISP just re-sells this complete service to its customers.
There’s nothing wrong with this approach; the product is usually still excellent, it just means an extra “profit layer” needs to be covered in the supply chain.
Because we created the product, we maintain our own RIPE IP address allocation and allocate our own IP transit for internet access. The only real external factor is the chain of multiple wholealers we use to actually install the line, but this is seamlessly built into our network once they hand off to us.

Costwise, this means ChunkyChips can sell a full, uncontended Leased Line service, usually at a lower cost direct to you than a VISP can actually buy it from their Reseller partner.

What do you need to get a Leased Line Quote?

All we need to generate an immediate quote within business hours is your site postcode and the bandwidth you need.
It helps narrow the location down if you can provide the full address also.
Either contact us in the box to the right or we can usually get you a quote across the chat widget at the bottom of this page.

Just say hello and enter the postcode and bandwidth (the hello is optional!).

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