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P-WAN Private Networks

P-WAN: Private Multi-Site Networks

P-WAN from ChunkyChips links all your UK sites over Layer 2 protocol in a locked-down MPLS-style private network. Using a familiar local IP network infrastructure, P-WAN completely locks down your multi-site offices, sub offices and even Home Workers into one secure mesh.

  • Fully scalable: Add or remove sites on demand
  • Totally secure, enterprise-grade business network
  • Fast to deploy
  • Fully Managed & Monitored
  • Cisco & Juniper-based architecture

P-WAN from ChunkyChips is incredibly flexible. You can choose as many or as few sites as you need to start with, and add or amend as your business demands change.

With access to our London Data Centres as well as our bespoke Data Centre in Basildon, Essex, we can build optional complex layers of routing failover and redundancy to ensure your business network remains connected 24/7/365.

But the real beauty of P-WAN is that we design, build and Fully Manage the Network for you

Come to us with as basic or advanced plan as you have and we can develop the rest for you. A dedicated team of network engineers will design the full solution and consult with you to ensure the plan fits your requirements and, importantly, budget.

P-WAN from Chunkychips is the choice of global insurance underwriters, major pensions companies and dozens of other major organisations throughout the UK.

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