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New Network Status Twitter Feed

September 9th, 2014    Glenn Flowers

ChunkyChips today launched a dedicated Twitter feed to update Clients on Network Status.

Quoted Glenn Flowers;

“With an amazing growth in our Customer base over the last two years, we’ve certainly recognised the need to keep clients informed of any network issues that may affect their connection or colocation.

A dedicated Twitter feed to Network support means we can update our customers via an independent feed and customers can still check our status via their mobile networks even if their main  connection has issues.

The ChunkyChips Network is already hugely resilient and we are working to build even further layers of redundancy in future, however we know that communication with our customers and letting them know of potential issues is equally, if not more important, than the issue itself.”

You can follow the ChunkyChips network support feed at @ccservicestatus




September 9th, 2014    Glenn Flowers